Mobile Chat with Sencha Touch + node.js +

This is an example for a sencha touch based chat client which gets messages pushed from a chat-server written in node.js. For the connection between server and client i use as implementation of websockets.

I wrote / write this application to have a playground to demonstrate things.

features of the sencha touch chat client:
– mvc architecture
– use localstorage for user settings
– gravatar avatar icons based on user email
– css3 chat bubbles
– pushed chat messages over web-socket
– custom theme (scss)

features node.js chatserver
– using
– using connect



Live Demo:

got an coupon will try to set up the demo soon


I plan to use this app as playground which will be continuous upgraded to explain and show different topics of sencha touch and node.js.
if you have cool ideas let me know.

Hope you like it ;-)